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 Hi, I'm Tara


I am a Certified Co-Active Coach, an ACC from the International Coaches Federation and a lover of big dogs and small cats.


I created Empassioned Living Now and Art from the Heart over 13 years ago while in the middle of a major career/life transition.  I was thriving as a music business executive. I traveled, worked with artists, and had a great income but I never felt really aligned with ME.  There was something bigger that was calling but I was running too hard and fast to listen. After much deliberation and a 17-year career, I jumped off the wheel hoping a net would appear. When I tapped into my passion for supporting people in realizing their superpowers, I was discovering my own, being a coach. That is when I dove in and received my Co-Active Coaching certificate from The Coaches Institute in 2007  and have been a Personal Development Coach ever since. I completed the certification course and started ELN while living in Ireland, a dream I had for years.  Following my passion for coaching, and living in Ireland, unfolded, nothing was “planned” and it proved to me that making dreams real IS possible.


I continue to be on the journey of creating the life I want to lead  and I am passionate and committed to helping others realize their dreams.

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I believe in Creativity. I have been a student and facilitator of process painting for over 30 years.  Art from the Heart process painting workshops are tools in my coaching toolbox (or paints on my coaching pallet) that allows color and form to help uncover ones dreams.  Painting or any creative expression, is a way to unpack the stories that are keeping us “safe” or “playing small.”  It allows the space to get quiet and curious about what dreams are hidden deep inside and will come out to play with color.  By allowing the creative process to peel back the layers of stories, we get to discover the freedom of our dreams and see what is possible.  It is a powerful way to get connected with your true self and create a new path to skip down.

Dreams are powerful and I am here to support you while you manifest yours. DREAM BIG!

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