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Art from the Heart Painting Workshops


Creativity offers us the opportunity to peel back the layers of our stories, discover the freedom of our dreams and see what is possible.  It is a powerful way to get connected with your true self and create a new path to skip down.

The process of allowing your creativity to lead the way allows you to open up and embrace the parts of you that are ready to be illuminated. It releases the tension of holding something back and offers the opportunity to have a dialog that leads to self-understanding, self-compassion, self-appreciation and manifesting dreams.

Allowing the creative space for  Ah-HA moments to be felt and seen uncovers dreams that have laid dormant for years and gives us the opportunity to pursue them.

Interested in checking out our monthly classes? Get a free ticket to our next one by filling out the Contact Me info at the bottom of this page.

Paint Cans
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