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Personal Development Coaching


Coaching is a process of listening and witnessing the stories that keep our dreams at bay, keep us stuck.  When the stories are heard, then we can work on changing them so we can get unstuck, move forward, and create the lives we WANT to live as opposed to the ones we feel trapped in. Individual coaching allows you to be seen and supported while you untangle the story, allow space for the dream to be seen, felt and inspired to move forward, step by step to manifesting a more aligned, dynamic life. 

Individual coaching sessions focus on your dreams and desires and allow you to co-design a plan-of-action that enables you to see and believe you CAN manifest those dreams and desires. I will support and encourage you each step of the way, offering a safe place to try new things, celebrate your successes and experience the “fails” with compassion and curiosity, no judgement or shame. 


Are you ready to make your dreams your reality ?

                                  Let's do this!

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